Aqua Angar, a project with an Acoustic sound

IMG_1404It’s been a while since we last told you about our endeavors, so today we decided to make amends.

That’s to say we will share some information about one of our most complex projects that we started in 2015 and completed in the spring  of 2016, namely the sound system for the Aqua Angar Spa Centre in Cehu Silvaniei.

Located at 114 km from Cluj-Napoca, the Aqua Angar centre is one of the most modern of its kind in Transylvania. Equipped with a massage room, pool, bar, fitness room, squash court, sauna, outdoor beach and many others, the Spa required an integrated audio system that allowed volume control in each zone.

A universally accepted solution for this system was a conventional 100 V, but that meant compromising the sound quality, as transformers needed to be integrated in the system to be able to transmit audio over long distances, and have volume controll.

However, since the owner wanted more sound sources in each of the 19 zones, things turned out a little more complicated than it seemed at first glance. But we knew it was possible. It required a network controller which could select the source as well as the volume in each zone. This controller gave us the advantage of having all the sound equipment in a central rack, placed in a  technical area.

IMG_0835Still, to follow through, we had to deal with two major system components, the amplifiers and the command and control, along with the corresponding software. Moreover, we had to find the method to combine them. To be honest, the amplifier module was familiar to us because we had completely developed it in house two years before, so we focused on designing and integrating the control and command module.IMG_0816

After a few weeks of careful planning we came up with a working prototype. However, it took us nearly a year to complete the function development and improvement. We performed tests continuously for 8 months before agreeing on the perfect solution. After this success, we determined the number and type of speakers for each zone and developed the central technical area.

In the final version of the project we used 6 amplifiers with 4 channels each, 53 speakers, 2.5 kilometers of audio cable  and 800 meters of CAT6 networking cable. The amplifiers are fitted in a standard 2U chassis developed by us and the controllers have a futuristic design, featuring a combination of glass and brass.

We installed

P1.3 (

P2.3L ( P4.3L (Http://

P4.3S (

P4.3F (

speakers, as well as a

Hifi Estelio audio system (

IMG_0617In the end, all 19 distinct zones of the Angar Aqua Spa centre, including various Acoustic Density speakers and amplifiers with zone controllers are functional and look absolutely amazing.

Basically, you can listen to the music you want from the four sources and select the volume. We did it and we are proud!

Acoustic Social. Tune & Wine

IMG_8775Because we want to offer you the opportunity to experience other ways of listening and feeling the music, we have designed a new, hopefully long term project. It’s called Acoustic Social. Tune & Wine, and it involves a series of monthly musical events at the Acoustic Density Factory Store headquarters (12, Unirii Square).

Why Tune & Wine? It’s simple. Undoubtedly, the clarity, depth and exquisiteness are attributes of both the sound and wine. We refer to the sound that penetrates and stirs the deepest and most refined of emotions, just like wine. Guided by these shared values, we created an event in which the sound and the wine complement each other to create a natural social gesture, providing the perfect setting for the exchange of ideas, information and the development of new relationships.

The first meeting of this kind took place in late September and was organized together with our friends from ArtVinium, who will accompany us in our journey from now on. Everything was conceived so that our guests benefit from a full sensory experience. Therefore, the clear and balanced sound of our Estelio HiFi audio system was put to test by listening to various tracks in both analogue and digital.


IMG_8766The playlist we prepared covered many musical genres, in order to enable guests to better test the accuracy of our Estelio system. We listened to ‘Slow’ by Leonard Cohen, ‘Love Me Tender’ by Barbra Streisand, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen, ‘C’est si bon’ by Louis Armstrong and ’Până când nu te iubeam’’ played by Pink Martini, but only after presenting a few less known facts about each of the songs.


IMG_8772The music was accompanied by a range of wines carefully created at the Catleya Vineyards, in the Corcova region. The wine, intuitively called Freamăt (tremor, rustling) perfectly balanced the Estelio sound, whether red, rose or white.

We must confess it was a deeply enjoyable, mellow evening that we will repeat soon.




Estelio, our signature product

IMG_4169When someone asks us which is the product we consider as our crowning achievement, the answer is always the same: Estelio® Hi-Fi Speaker. This is not to say that we don’t love or consider the other products to be as efficient, it’s simply because this is the very first Acoustic Density complete sound system.

The idea of ​​creating a home audio system crystallized slowly, over time, due to an increasing number of requests from clients. Appreciative of the audio systems that we design for their clubs, pubs and restaurants, many of them wondered whether we provide such equipment intended for home use. We didn’t at the time, and so, being tired of always saying „No“, we got to work.

That happened at the end of 2013. We started from a model of computer speakers because we wanted to create a small-scale system, and that was the smallest version available. Our aim was to create speakers that would sound great without the need for extra bass. However, we were not satisfied at all with the first prototypes. We wanted a very warm and transparent sound and we kept failing to attain this transparency. We carried out tests, simulations, calculations, bought speakers recommended by specialized magazines in order to compare the sound, we built more and more prototypes, we listened over and over again and yet something was still not right.IMG_4237

„Symmetry produces monsters“, our electronics specialist used to say. This is how we began to figure out what needed to be done in order to achieve the desired sound. All we had to do was to remove the parallel walls. As a result, we created a system different from anything else, in which all interior shapes are designed to reduce standing waves, and which is specifically made so that no gaps are filled with sound. We succeeded in completely removing sound absorption and achieving a very good resonance and a clear and transparent sound. We turned the design into reality using laminated beech and the skill of our craftsmen.

Finally, Estelio proved to be the perfect mixture of design, computer-aided manufacturing and manual assembly craft.

How long did it take us to get here? No more than 13 months. 🙂 Estelio was first shown to the world in December 2014, when we opened our store. It turned out to be a success from the outset. Today we produce it on demand, and it comes in different wood colours: natural, cherry, white and black. Also, it doesn’t take us 13 months to make it anymore, but rather a week. 🙂IMG_4172


Hi and welcome to our blog!

This is our playground where we will share with you our passion for music and sounds and tell you about the new projects we are carrying out and the events we take part in. In addition, you will be able to find out what is new on the market, the innovations in audio systems and the trends in terms of loudspeakers.

For starters, let us say a few words about the reasons behind our work. Obviously, weve been in love with music and sounds for all of our lives and weve always been in search of the alchemy for creating the perfect sound. Moreover, we are fascinated by the way in which technology and design can work side by side with the sound in order to create a unity, both acoustically and visually. 

Weve never been pleased by the traditional, voluminous, rectangular, black speakers that are unpleasant to the eye and impossible to match with the surroundings.

So far, the speaker’s appearance was mostly disregarded, and we want to change that. This is why we set up Acoustic Density, in hopes of developing audio systems that could offer, besides the clear and balanced sound, a special visual experience, by integrating perfectly in terms of colour and shape, no matter where they are placed.

We are constantly looking to improve our products and, for this reason, each of our projects is unique. Every problem we have come across was an opportunity to innovate and create customized audio systems that would exceed the clients expectations. All speakers are assembled manually based on dozens of design projects, and are constantly tested in order to provide you with the best sound, unconditionally.

We aim to achieve the perfect sound, in the perfect shape, and to offer you a different way of listening and feeling the music.

That being said, lets press play and enjoy! 🙂