Hi and welcome to our blog!

This is our playground where we will share with you our passion for music and sounds and tell you about the new projects we are carrying out and the events we take part in. In addition, you will be able to find out what is new on the market, the innovations in audio systems and the trends in terms of loudspeakers.

For starters, let us say a few words about the reasons behind our work. Obviously, weve been in love with music and sounds for all of our lives and weve always been in search of the alchemy for creating the perfect sound. Moreover, we are fascinated by the way in which technology and design can work side by side with the sound in order to create a unity, both acoustically and visually. 

Weve never been pleased by the traditional, voluminous, rectangular, black speakers that are unpleasant to the eye and impossible to match with the surroundings.

So far, the speakers appearance was mostly disregarded, and we want to change that. This is why we set up Acoustic Density, in hopes of developing audio systems that could offer, besides the clear and balanced sound, a special visual experience, by integrating perfectly in terms of colour and shape, no matter where they are placed.

We are constantly looking to improve our products and, for this reason, each of our projects is unique. Every problem we have come across was an opportunity to innovate and create customized audio systems that would exceed the clients expectations. All speakers are assembled manually based on dozens of design projects, and are constantly tested in order to provide you with the best sound, unconditionally.

We aim to achieve the perfect sound, in the perfect shape, and to offer you a different way of listening and feeling the music.

That being said, lets press play and enjoy! 🙂

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