When someone asks us which is the product we consider as our crowning achievement, the answer is always the same: Estelio® Hi-Fi Speaker. This is not to say that we don’t love or consider the other products to be as efficient, it’s simply because this is the very first Acoustic Density complete sound system.

The idea of ​​creating a home audio system crystallized slowly, over time, due to an increasing number of requests from clients. Appreciative of the audio systems that we design for their clubs, pubs and restaurants, many of them wondered whether we provide such equipment intended for home use. We didn’t at the time, and so, being tired of always saying „No“, we got to work.

That happened at the end of 2013. We started from a model of computer speakers because we wanted to create a small-scale system, and that was the smallest version available. Our aim was to create speakers that would sound great without the need for extra bass. However, we were not satisfied at all with the first prototypes. We wanted a very warm and transparent sound and we kept failing to attain this transparency. We carried out tests, simulations, calculations, bought speakers recommended by specialized magazines in order to compare the sound, we built more and more prototypes, we listened over and over again and yet something was still not right.

„Symmetry produces monsters“, our electronics specialist used to say. This is how we began to figure out what needed to be done in order to achieve the desired sound. All we had to do was to remove the parallel walls. As a result, we created a system different from anything else, in which all interior shapes are designed to reduce standing waves, and which is specifically made so that no gaps are filled with sound. We succeeded in completely removing sound absorption and achieving a very good resonance and a clear and transparent sound. We turned the design into reality using laminated beech and the skill of our craftsmen.

Finally, Estelio proved to be the perfect mixture of design, computer-aided manufacturing and manual assembly craft.

How long did it take us to get here? No more than 13 months. 🙂 Estelio was first shown to the world in December 2014, when we opened our store. It turned out to be a success from the outset. Today we produce it on demand, and it comes in different wood colours: natural, cherry, white and black. Also, it doesn’t take us 13 months to make it anymore, but rather a week. 🙂